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eresearch is a unique & comprehensive research platform that is designed especially for B-Schools students. Eresearch will help students to be industry ready and help them for their research and project works. Students have opportunity to correlate theory with live markets and economic situation.
eresearch is one of the very few research platform which covers all major financial markets and over 25 global indices with live updates 24x7.

Free of Cost

Platform is provided for free of cost. So no need to pay any subscription charges and no fear of hidden charges


eresearch platform cover all major Indian financial markets, all major curriencies and 25+ major global indices

Most accurate and reliable

eresearch is one of the most reliable and empowered students in their research work & projects

Advance Research & Tools

eresearch provides access to innovative research tools and reports


eresearch cover news, corporate action, economy, industry and provides analytic tools, insides, transcripts and research reports

24 x 7 Updates

eresearch gets updated every 15 mins 24 x 7, keeping track of Indian and global financial markets


eresearch is online research platform which enables students to do research work any time & any where

Easy to Access

eresearch is design using latest trend and technologies, making it easy to use and understand

eresearch is best suited for financial analysis, financial modeling, wealth management, portfolio analysis, forex analysis.

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01. Stock Market

eresearch provides fundamental and market reports of more than 6000+ listed companies classified under more than 300 industries. eresearch also provides access to statistical reports, charting and technical analysis tools

02. IPO

eresearch covers all major events of primary market and provide reports and details related to IPO offering, basis of allotment and so on

03. Mutual Fund

eresearch provides detailed information on performance of various schemes including latest NAVs, Factsheet, Portfolio, Dividend, ranking and more. eresearch also provide various analytic and comparison tools

04. Industry Details

eresearch provides detail information of more than 300 industries. eresarch provides industry wise financial information and statistical reports.

05. Commodities

eresearch providers news, updates and covers all major everts in commodities market. eresearch provides access to various statistical reports and provides technical analysis & charting tools.

06. Forex Market

eresearch provides news, updates and covers all major everts in forex market and provides graphical tools and historical data of all major currencies for last 10 years

07. Global Markets

eresearch covers over 25 global indices and provides graphical tools and historical data of all major indicies for last 10 years

08. 24 x 7 Coverage

eresearch covers all major events, corporate actions, announcements, economic developments for Indian and other all major global economies


We are independent provider of investment information. Our strength is our collaboration with various sources and experts. Our ambition is to create a unique universal platform for students across the world, whereby they get access to all the news, views and research articles related to global and local financial markets all under one umbrella.


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Free of Cost

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